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Mobility Services

A large number of organizations are following trends and moving to cloud-based MMS (Managed Mobility Services) solutions, due to its vast organizational, technical, and financial benefits. This is the best time to take the advantage of these services and move away from on-premises IT solution to get better control over your infrastructure and save money at the same time.

Cost Management and Control

MMS solutions can control the costs associated with supporting and managing your workforce, and reduce high deployments and maintenance costs in comparison to on-premises solutions. It will also free up IT resources by automating tasks and updates, and reduce posibility of catastrophe by enforcing security, compliance, and audit features.

Enhanced Security

A strong MMS solution will mitigate the security risks associated with the cloud by securing the mobile workforce; storing sensitive data in existing corporate systems (rather than in the cloud); and enforcing encryption when sensitive data is in transit and at rest.

Mobility Management Capabilities

  • Remotely manage devices, applications, and data
  • Administer and enforce usage and security policies
  • Provision and approve correct devices for each type of user
  • Streamline activation and resolution of incidents
  • Purchase and provision mobile services, applications, and devices
  • Audit and optimize spending
  • Utilize benchmarking to help negotiate great contracts
  • Manage and resolve carrier and vendor disputes
  • Support users with mobile help desk services

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