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Hosted VoIP

Expand your business communications capabilities with Voice Over IP service and get all your services on a single platform at the fraction of the cost of separate providers. You can have your whole office up and running in a day or less, respond quickly to infrastructure changes and customize your entire system over the internet.

Lower Costs Per Call

About a half of current or potential VoIP users said cost is the main reason they were using or considering the service, according to surveys conducted by Better Buys for Business. Many business VoIP plans charge companies a flat rate per phone and allow unlimited local and long distance calling.

Greater Manageability

Putting a telephone system on the company’s computer network makes your operations much easier to manage. Adding or moving extensions requires a simple change in software configuration, rather than a complex re-wiring.

Enhanced Mobility

With hosted VoIP, your team members can take calls on their work lines even if they are out of the office by using an app or a computer program instead of their phone. Many systems also have call routing features that automatically forwards calls to users’ cell or home phones, depending on where they are.

Advanced Service Features

Since they’re software-based, many business VoIP systems come standard with powerful calling features that enhance productivity. Some common features include a display screen showing a name directory, call records, and other information, multiple folders for organizing voice mails, and integration with PCs that lets users call a number directly from a web browser or address book in an email client. Integration with other software — Business VoIP systems can also enhance productivity by integrating with other software applications the business uses. For example, software tools can allow businesses to keep better track of phone activity to increase the efficiency of their call centers.

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