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Cloud Services

Take advantage of the agility, flexibility and speed by switching to cloud, or integrate it with your existing infrastructure. Leverage a full suite of advanced networking, application and hosting services, and improve your security by using services that help accelerate time to value and reduce the overall cost of your IT management.

Cost Savings

Once you're on the cloud, easy access to your company's data will save time and money in project start-ups. The pay-as-you-go system also applies to the data storage space needed to service your stakeholders and clients, which means that you'll get exactly as much space as you need, and not be charged for any space that you don't.

Increased Security

By using encryption, information is less accessible by hackers or anyone not authorized to view your data. As an added security measure, with most cloud-based services, different security settings can be set based on the user. Over 90% of enterprise businesses that switched their operations to cloud said it makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements.

Increased Flexibility

The cloud offers businesses more flexibility overall versus hosting on a local server. And, if you need extra bandwidth, a cloud-based service can meet that demand instantly, rather than undergoing a complex (and expensive) update to your IT infrastructure. A majority of respondents to an InformationWeek survey said 'the ability to quickly meet business demands' was one of the most important reasons a business should move to a cloud environment.


Cloud computing allows mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and devices, which, considering over 2.6 billion smartphones are being used globally today, is a great way to ensure that no one is ever left out of the loop. Staff with busy schedules, or who live a long way away from the corporate office, can use this feature to keep instantly up-to-date with clients and coworkers. It is not surprising to see that organizations with employee satisfaction listed as a priority are much more likely to expand cloud usage.

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