About TCO Technology

Our primary role is to review client’s current services and contracts, understand what changes or new services would benefit our client, present options from the best providers to match the client needs, and submit signed contracts or renewals to the selected providers.

Project Management

TCO works with customers and acts on their behalf to resolve any problems with their service providers in a timely manner.


Bill Review

TCO reviews initial bill and subsequent bills periodically to confirm billed services are accurate and match the contract price.


Service Support

TCO will work with customers and act on their behalf to help resolve any problems with service provider in a timelier manner.


TCO History

TCO is common terminology for Total Cost of Ownership. We understand that successful companies are focused on products, growth, and financial results. That is the reason our motto is “Your bottom line is our priority”. Whether it is contract negotiations, research into new technologies, support on project management, correcting billing errors, or escalating service issues, TCO is ready to be your trusted communication broker.

Our Team

Perry Chrisler - Founder & Managing Member

I am the Managing Member of TCO Technology. I started my career in the communications industry in 1998 as a Nextel Sales Representative with Rocky Mountain Wireless. After several years in mobility and a final position as VP Sales for a Phoenix based mobility company, I moved to the wireline industry with a sales position at XO communication. My long term goal was to offer a full suite of options for clients by combining the resources and knowledge in both mobility and wireline was important. In 2002 I founded Concierge Communications. As President and Managing Member, we grew Concierge into a Master Agency with a particular success in the early adoption to hosted services specializing in hosted VoIP. In 2011 I sold Concierge and started TCO Technology. My goal was to focus more directly with client needs rather than growing an agency. Today, TEAM TCO is a client focused company that is an authorized agent with virtually every service offering in the communication industry.

Doug Hill - Director of Sales

I have a passion for life and enjoy a diversity of personal and professional activities that challenge me daily. Besides being a freelance musician and serious real estate investor, I’ve focused on business development specifically in making technology adoption a company asset and not a problem. The early portion of my career in I.T. was focused on equipment, network infrastructure and consulting services. From 2000 to 2016 I was working for Cisco partners mostly in Arizona. I have an extensive background in telephony, network infrastructure and security. From the start, I have always had a strong desire for learning about and understanding technology. I love working with customers to determine what technology solutions provide the best benefit for their business needs. I joined TCO Technology based on the core values of the team. Perry Chrisler and rest of Team TCO operate with integrity and expertise. I’m proud to be a member of Team TCO!

Courtney Michelle - Director of Operations

I have been working in the Telecom industry since 2003, with my first position as an Office Manager for a Verizon direct dealer. After graduating college, I returned to the Industry as an Assistant Commissions Manager for a master agency. As the company grew, I took on additional duties as the Assistant Finance and Commissions Manager.

In 2012, I joined TCO Technology. My current role is Director Operations. I am responsible for the commission reconciliations and disputes from providers and payments to our agents. In addition, I handle all financial aspects of TCO Technology including provider and agent contracts, vendor payments, and all financial bookkeeping activity.

Outside of work, I enjoy fishing, gardening and chasing my young twin boys around.

Kathleen Goodwin - Sales Support

I joined the telecom industry in 2001 working for McleodUSA. My position included leading a small team of support representatives responsible for VPN installation, router configuration and billing issue resolution. In 2003 I joined Cbeyond where I managed three teams supporting Toll free (Resporg), LNP port outs and Smart Start. The main responsibilities of these group were working with providers for local number portability orders and onboarding clients by installing a full product suite of Cbeyond hosted applications, ranging from email to Website creation.

I joined TCO Technology in 2012. My current position is Sales Support. My role s focused on customer support including network analysis, helping with project management, and support of trouble issues and outages. I work closely with our portfolio of service providers in defining best of breed services and contract pricing. At TCO, we place great emphasis on building long term relationships by delivering the best solutions for our clients.

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